Saturday, September 26, 2009

peace this day

"Nature is made to conspire with spirit
to emancipate us."__Ralph Waldo Emerson

What a bold yet lovely statement here about the profound wisdom and impact of nature. Nature, in all its pristine wonder and quiet splendor, certainly has the capacity to emancipate our inner spirits if we but take the time to stop, look, and listen.

Removed from the hectic and frenetic activity found in cities, in nature we can find a rest, a respite, a gentler type of reality. A gentler type of reality filled with inner peace and the soul of serenity. As we relax with her we can also tap into her harmonious flow of the life forces as they create and move in their mysterious pathways for variety and change.

And what is going on is also of a higher type teaching that is available for us as well. A higher teaching that is able to tap within each and every one of us, our own inner soul and expanded spirit.

If these are contacted, we are then able to resonate to nature's innate wisdom as freely given and available in the moment. As we tap into this wisdom we can then become one with its beauty and balance for our own inner awakening and spiritual realization.


Peace This Day

May peace be yours today.

May the beauty of nature
lead your soul with its wonder

while happiness is the song
that dances your spirit.

May you lift your heart
to open & blossom,

as in joy it greets the sun
& sweet harmony

of this day.

(c. 2009, Shanti Rose, all rights reserved)


Friday, September 4, 2009

the inner dance of spirit and soul

"The love of the soul is for wisdom and knowledge."__Rumi

The soul is our deeper Self, connected as it is to more of our spirit that dwells within each and every one of us. We all have those ongoing tasks of our daily lives, where we must deal with the many seemingly endless practicalities of living. This being so, we feel that most of us could also really use more time spent with our inner being, so to be able to experience more of its richness and gifts that it can offer to us in an ongoing way as well.

And what are these types of gifts anyway? These gifts are of the spirit and have to do with the knowledge that we can intuit with our souls on the subtle planes within of spiritual energies and also existence.

For this to happen, it does take ongoing periods of inner focus and also a practice of deeper concentration. This type of inner focus can be put into place by any of us at anytime, by starting and maintaining a routine meditation, if at all possible, in our lives daily.

A meditation practice is what can help us to establish this inner spiritual connection ongoing. It opens up the inner channels, so then we are able to have the gifts of its wisdom and knowledge. This will go a long way to create a more positive energy flow ithat will enter into all the areas of our lives, and on all levels.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

present moment best moment

"Real generosity towards the future lies
in giving all to the present. "___Albert Camus

What a true & wonderful statement this is.

Often, for most of us, we tend to live for "later", not now.

Later, when we take that perfect vacation, later when we redecorate the house, later when we retire, later when we have a certain amount of money saved, later when we are with just the right partner, etc.

Funny thing though, is that it is just the plain & simple reality is that actually that the time of promise and wonderful living we call "later" just never comes!

So then why does living in the present now make a difference? Mainly because then we are engaged and present, and the more aware and present we are the more we will have a much fuller experience of our lives & inner feelings hour by hour, day by day.

To be present means to not live in the past, more than what is absolutely needed, for the task at hand. It means to keep the mind open and fresh to new experiences, new connections and activities we may well have missed if we were operating from a place of inner constraints and relating only to the past and its limitations.

Camus also mentions "generosity towards the future" which is an expansive phrase with keys for living our best future as well. Generosity speaks to making a space within our inner selves and consciousness, for having both an open mind and an open heart.

An open mind so we have the mental tools for putting into place the things we want more of in our lives like: productive activities, supportive & helpful friends, opportunities for creative expression, a place and time for fun & relaxation, etc.

An open heart, so we can actually feel the tone and texture of our lives ongoing. An open heart so we are not just shut off and relating to our world from the mind (the mental) only. From the heart, so we can allow the flow of our energies to be emotionally engaged and available to us as well.

May you be in the present today. May you be with an open heart and uplifted spirit. May your soul feel connected to the flow of life with its generous and wonderful gifts.

Gifts that are available and waiting for each of us both today and forever, freely given from spirit, always in the now.

Friday, August 14, 2009

soul river inside

"Whenever you do things from your soul,
you feel a river inside, a joy."____Rumi

We love this quote by the Sufi mystic Rumi because it is so simple, yet so very direct. It speaks to when we are feeling an aliveness in the moment and when we can look upon this world with a fresh and free vision from spirit.

A fresh & free vision made possible with the eyes of spirit from that deep place we all have within, that precious & sacred place there just waiting on the inside.

Because, in our way of looking at it, it is the soul that animates and illuminates our bodies and our minds, and it actually comes first. The soul is that pool of origination from Source that is always there, always flowing, always humming along in the background, gently feeding us with its knowledge and wisdom, whether we happen to be consciously aware of it or not.

Like a river it flows and keeps moving, like a river it can heal and refresh.

Like a river the soul touches us with its living waters, to inspire, & like a river it is harmony and it is peace.

Like a river it is forever offering us the gifts of its deep knowledge to inspire along with its gentle rhythms, magic, & movement within the heart of life and spirit itself.



"There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way."__Eykis
Happiness is something for most of us that is a fleeting quality but something we all like to connect to & to feel and experience as much of the time as possible!

How does happiness affect us and how does it play into our lives?

Happiness is when we feel lit up from the soul within. It's when we feel a heartfelt connection with our inner soul & deeper selves, and also with all the world around us.

Happiness can be various things for different people. Some are most happy when working on a project with great focus like: gardening, cooking, building something, sports, playing music, painting, writing, etc. Others respond with increased happiness more to being outward and sociable with other people, with things like: meetings, parties, social networking, common interests, gatherings, or working together in a group for the common good.

Whatever works for each of us, the main way for happiness is the opening up within of the qualities of love and acceptance. These qualities are important and are also the ones that can allow our emotions to move, our minds to relax, and our inner spirits, along with our emotions, to flow.

We actually do have the energy within for this flow at all times as a possibility. But it is when we have happiness that we really get to experience its uplifting and positive qualities.

Positive qualities that can be the cherished gifts of our lives.

The very gifts that can open our hearts, brighten our minds, and let the joy of life flow.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

life is the flower love is the fuel

"Life is the flower for which love is the honey."___Victor Hugo

We love this quote! In all its simplicity & directness there can actually be a quite a world of wisdom that is genuine & far reaching for all of us on a daily basis.

Yes, but maybe you say, I am too busy for all of that, I have bills to pay, children to track, dinner to cook, a job I have to go to. What does "love" have to do with all of that, plus who these days has the time anyhow?

Well we would like to gently suggest here that it it love that is the actual & real reason that we exist and do all of the rest of it. Love is the fire, the inner impulse, the juice that gives us the spirit from within to meet our lives day to day, week to week, and that is the actual fuel on the soul plane that lights our spirit and gives us the energy and emotions to keep on keeping on.

Yes, these days, it can seem often get so easily & completely "lost in the shuffle." Lost in the shuffle of: the bills, the dishes, the neighbors cat, the car that needs a tune up immediately, the cousin who needs a place to stay, & more (& "the list" for all of us seems to be always so ongoing & endless, right?)

So what about love? Well making time to acknowledge it might be a place to start in a very direct & simple way. Think of maybe 3 things you actually dearly love, but have not made time for in a very long, long time.

Is there an old close friend you could call out of the blue, to meet for coffee or lunch? What about that nearby painting class you always wanted to take but never quite made room for in your busy schedule? How about a romantic dinner or weekend with your partner? How long has that one been "off the list" anyhow?

Love is fine. Love is beauty. Love is needed.

Love, being a gift we are each given here, to enhance our lives.

A beautiful flower it is always blooming. Blooming with its fragrance to light our lives deeply with its gifts of spirit and soul.

And now, this very day, is waiting . . . just for you.